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Cyber Defence workshop - The Belgaum Urban Credit Souhard Sahakari Ltd.


Cyber Security best practices are of paramount importance for organisations of all sizes. This is especially true of Co-operative societies & banks, where the ignorance of clicking on a phishing link or opening a malicious email attachment could lead to an account being compromised without the knowledge of the user or the organisation.

The biggest void organisations in Tier-II/Tier-III cities face is the lack of an IT eco-system. This directly correlates with the usage of IT & ignorance of information security best practices.

Our objective since inception has been to bridge this gap in the cyber security space by building products such as Plexus Plus for SME's, who lack the necessary IT human resources.

In addition, we educate enterprises on cyber threats and help to prevent them. One such initiative is our Cyber Defence Workshop for Small Medium Enterprises. I had the opportunity to conduct this workshop for the entire staff & management of The Belgaum Urban Credit Souhard Sahakari Ltd on the 21st Agust 2018.

Overall, 40+ people attended the one-day workshop and were educated on various cyber threats such as ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, social engineering, etc., as well as best practices that should be implemented.


The workshop was well received with excellent participation with a lot of questions asked and scenarios discussed.

If you think that the Cyber Defence Workshop would be useful for your organisation, please reach out to me at swapneel.patnekar@shreshtait.com or +91 9886637820.