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Hands-on Docker Workshop

A small part of my time and efforts over the past 10 years has been spent in conducting hands-on workshops on various Open Source technologies with a strong focus towards exposure & students.

While these workshops were primarily held in colleges, limiting the opportunity to students from that specific college.

On 25th August 2018, we hosted a hands-on workshop on Docker at an independent venue. The attendance was limited by design primarily to give attention to each and every participant.

10 students from different colleges in the city attended the workshop, that started at 10 AM and ended at 5 PM. This was a practical, hands-on workshop where participants had to build everything taught on their own computers. This is vital as learning is a process of practical application, not theoretical discussion.


At the end, everyone completed the required work, errors and all.

Certificates were distributed at the end of the workshop. Feedback was positive with many requesting an Advanced Docker workshop in the future.


Bolstered by the success of this workshop, we hope to conduct more hands-on workshops in the future.


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